Family 50 Fathoms

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The Story So Far

So far, the group started on a merchant vessel going back and forth between islands. It was here that the humans learned to speak Masaquani (the local trade language). However, in a storm they were driven onto rocks by the Savage Lands where most of the crew and captain died. The players explored the strange island, comming accross a yellow back followed by a strange stone pool with what appeared to be blood. Around the pool was a tribe of Red Men and their shaman leader, doing some strange ritual where they slit a surviving crew members throat and pushed him into the pool. There, he dissolved as if by acid and in response a giant Monkape appeared and begin attacking the party. They killed the monkape and red men and saved the remainder of the crew. After returning to the beach they ran across an old skiff. After a few hours work it was made sea worthy. They loaded what they could from the other ship and left in the skiff. They headed back to the Keiran Empire.

On the way, they first found a stranded scurillion that they rescued (he told them the waters are still rising and need to stop or they will all drown in 3 years time) and then ran across a pirate ship in a skiff. They decided to pretend they were merchants and lured the pirates in where they killed them and took the ship. Upon reaching the great port they turned in the pirates, booty and ship and were granted a Writing of Marques in exchange for their next pirate capture which they had within 2 days. They then began patrolling the lanes for pirates and eventually caught a frigate full of pirates. They lured them in and surprised them by raking their decks with scattershot and attacking the ship with a giant squid they had summoned. They sold the frigate and skiff and bought two fast ships with ample guns and cargo, modified them a bit with the leftover money and took a couple days off.

While in port, they heard of a ship wright that had been captured by the Keiran Empire in an effort to force him (along with other master ship wrights) to work on a monster of a ship, one larger and more powerful than any other on the seas. The party decided that a ship like that belonged with them and created a plan to capture it. The Kraken had heard that Red Men could summon more powerful creatures than a Giant Monkape, creatures that were so huge, they called them walking gods. He decided that one of these would be just the perfect distraction they needed in order destroy the army guarding the ship and allow them to make off with it. So they searched the pubs till they found a silver tongued sailor that spoke Red Man and hired him for the insane job of convincing a tribes shaman to work with them in exchange for supplying the sacrifices (caught pirates) that they needed to summon their god.

We leave the group sailing back to the Savage Lands, hope in their hearts.


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